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Elaine has a background in Education and spent many years as an Administrator, Teacher, Counsellor, and Spiritual Director. She is a Certified Focusing Practitioner and Trainer with specialized training in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She completed her studies as a Holistic Health Practitioner at The Transformational Arts College and The Academy of International BioEnergetic Sciences.
Elaine works with people holistically and she invites her clients to be proactive in dealing with their health and wellness in mind, body and spirit. Her therapeutic approach is a client-centered model, and she believes that everyone can heal themselves given the right support and environment.
Understanding and working with energy is very important to Elaine and she uses a variety of tools to support the body in coping with pollution of various forms. Her use of tools and approaches can clear energetic and geopathic stress from people and the places where they live and work.
In her holistic practice, Elaine uses a variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities, some of which include:


The Trinfinity8 is here to reawaken that spark of life, of youth, of light for the individual and for the planet, to remind us of who we were intended to be and to become. It works with and amplifies our intention to come into greater alignment with our ideal or higher Self.
Trinfinity8 opens the door to more harmony and integration of form. Aligning the many levels of ourselves — body, mind, and spirit — infuses us with integrity, vitality, and grace … the way it was always meant to be.
For support with health challenges such as:
Allergies, Addictions, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Cancer, Crones, Depression/Stress, Digestion, Eye Sight, Fibromyalgia, Hair loss, Pain – physical & emotional, Reduction of Inflammation, Scar Tissue just to name a few.
The Trinfinity8 works to support our “furry” friends as well.



  • Helps awaken Oneness with the God Source for Infinite Truth, Divine Light, and unlimited Wisdom and Knowledge.
  • Helps open one to embrace their true soul mission and destiny.
  • Helps facilitate a direct connection to Universal Mind & Consciousness.
  • Helps awaken love and acceptance of self and others, as well as with all living things.
  • Helps open the galactic heart to the flow of Divine Love for forgiveness.
  • Helps awaken harmony and serenity with self and all of life to bring about transformation for peaceful solutions in all situations.
  • Helps awaken and open one to receiving universal abundance and joy within all of life.
  • Helps awaken a release from limited thinking, fear and doubt and draw positive energy for personal transformation.
  • Helps awaken the Divine to bring about a healthier YOU on all levels.
  • Helps awaken a celestial communion with the Light of Infinite Intelligence and Divine Guidance.
  • Helps awaken enhanced creative energies, new ideas, hidden talent, inspiration and imagination.
  • Helps awaken confidence and freedom from fear, doubts and limitation.
  • Helps let go of blockages and create one’s life anew.
  • Helps awaken the positive energies of the universe to flow through you, aligning one with the energy to revitalize mind, body and spirit.
  • Helps awaken the highest angelic protection on all levels personal and professional.


Ascension11 is a higher dimension software technology designed to facilitate deeper meditative states and raise one’s consciousness. This unique technology is comprised of algorithmic coding, frequency-based music, and water-coded visuals to help awaken one’s soul connection to universal source, love, and infinite abundance. Like its Trinfinity8 predecessor, this software also delivers information to the individual through pure quartz crystal rods, which attach to a signal box connected to your computer. Ascension11 is available for both Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.


Ascension11 has 11 spiritually-based programs. Each of the Ascension11 programs is stand-alone and runs for 33 minutes. These multi-modal programs have been specifically designed as a deep meditative tool to help enhance your spiritual and evolutionary journey.

  • Every program has unique underlying algorithmic coding with Divine Invocation. This coding is reflected in the animated Cyma scope visuals that run during each program. These visuals display the underlying geometric structure of the Ascension Codes when resonated in water.
  • To further deepen your Ascension11 experience, each program has its own unique frequency-based music, composed in 33-minute tracks, by artists Jonathan Goldman and Jason Welch specifically for Ascension11.
  • The combination of the Ascension Codes, transformational music, and sacred geometry visuals are designed to create a powerful inter-dimensional awakening experience.


The powerful information codes underlying each Ascension “I AM” program is intended as a key to help awaken and elevate higher consciousness states. You will find Ascension11 to be useful as an enhanced meditative tool, leading to greater understanding, universal connectedness, and harmony within your life. The Ascension11 codes can bring about altered states of awareness and heightened trance states. It is highly recommended that you set aside a 33-minute quiet time each day and run a different program for maximum cumulative effect. You will quickly notice a profound body and mind peaceful effect.


Ascension11’s animated visuals are a representation of the underlying geometric structure of the Information Codes embedded in the software. They change and morph throughout the course of each program, displaying different structure and colorization. The purpose of these animated visuals is far more than displaying interesting shapes. It sets up a powerful energy field around the user, amplifying the Information Codes streaming through the hand-held crystals to the individual. This means you are not only receiving the ascension codes through six-sided quartz crystal rods (see Crystal Rods Transmission), but also seeing them displayed in animated images which create a field effect.

The animated visuals use CymaScope technology. CymaScope is the first scientific instrument of its kind that gives a visual image of sound and vibration in a way previously hidden from view. This technology uses sound vibration on water to form signature images.


The QWL is the ultimate blend of Cold Laser/Low Level Laser and Frequency Medicine, representing the finest of complimentary healing technologies! It is loaded with pre-programmed frequencies that rejuvenate the body by working on a cellular level to donate photonic energy, while promoting anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.
It has been scientifically shown that when the body is holding stress, it can cause blockages in the body which can lead to imbalance and disease. QWL Therapy gently and effectively unwinds stress, tension and old holding patterns out of the body and clears cellular memory to support perfect healing.
Our bodies produce energy right at the heart of each cell in the mitochondria ….and the mitochondria’s function is to produce ATP. The amount of ATP produced is a reflection how much energy we have available in our bodies to carry out such actions as healing, repairing and living our lives from day to day. It quite literally “charges” our cells with energy. Without it we would not be able to do anything.
Some Benefits of QWL Therapy may be:

  • Decrease/eliminate pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Increases circulation
  • Activates Lymphatic Flow
  • Promote new blood vessels and tissue growth
  • Faster wound healing and closure


Bioregulation Therapy (BRT) is an innovative and holistic approach to health and wellness that uses state-of-the-art biofeedback and PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) -based electromagnetic technology to support biological communications at the cellular level – ultimately helping the body to better self-regulate, adapt and heal naturally.
Safe and non-invasive, BRT can be used to help a wide range of physical and emotional imbalances across the major systems of the body, as well as preventively to maintain overall wellness.
Here are a few of the many programs available: Adrenal support, Back Pain, Comfort(digestion), Energy Balancing, E-Smog/ Stress, Exhaustion, Neck, Sinus. The Lenyo Lux has specific programs to support our “furry” babies as well.


Radiesthesia, in North America is called Dowsing. The word “Radiesthesia” has been derived from two words: Latin “Radius”, which means “Ray” and Greek “Aesthesis” meaning “Sensitivity”. Hence Radiesthesia is an ability to detect and attune to certain vibrations given by the physical body or environment.
Everything is energy and energy has a vibration and its own frequency and wavelength. This frequency is measurable and detectable. When you ask a question using a pendulum an electrical impulse is sent to the brain. In response, a compatible wavelength is created, and another electrical impulse is sent back. That kind of impulse creates a micro-constriction of muscles, which push energy down along your arm and underarm to finally reach the string of your pendulum. When the pendulum is held in the proper manner, (i.e. at the proper distance called “personal wavelength”), it creates an energy which is able to move the pendulum. It is important for the person doing the dowsing to be clear and grounded to get accurate readings. We may observe two totally different movements of a pendulum a “positive” or “negative” movement which is registering the state of the energetic system and is represented by different amounts of energy.
Discovering and clearing of ‘unwanted’ energy is possible using dowsing. Some energy needs stronger ways of clearing. The Trinfinity8 has several programs that help clear and reset a person’s energy field as well as sending helping energy to a person or an area. Another tool to use is a Russian stone called Shungite because it absorbs EMF’s which are all around us and can cause harm to the body over time. Some trapped energy that is in the earth can also send harmful waves to the body. Using the science of dowsing one is able to discover where these places are and how to protect people from their harmful effects.
The properties of shungite are unique. There is nothing else in the world to which it can be prepared. Shungite has the ability to cure, purify, protect, normalize, induce recovery and promote growth in living organisms. Everything which takes a toll on us, is killed; and everything health-giving is concentrated and restored by this ‘miracle’ rock. Every scientist investigating shungite declares it to be miraculous.
Shungite contains Fullerenes. The importance of this discovery is highlighted by the fact that the three scientists who discovered Fullerenes were awarded the Nobel Prize.
The only place in the world where it is found is the Karelia region of Russia. This leads many to believe that shungite will someday cost more than gold.