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Holistic & Energetic Therapies

   Jin Shin Jyutsu:  “I am an 86 year old senior who has had the privilege of receiving Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments from Joanne for the past 8 years.  I have had many health challenges over the years not least of which is the onset of Parkinson’s.  Receiving a treatment from Joanne using the ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu, which Harmonizes body energy, has brought me much relief in both body and mind.  One of the greatest gifts of Jin Shin Jyutsu is the self-help that Joanne has taught me to use on myself between treatments.  Over the past 8 years I have received many treatments and the peace I feel after a treatment has helped me cope with all the things that are facing me as I age with grace.

I am so grateful for the care and attention that I have received from Joanne’s gentle being.  I know my days are more peaceful and I feel more empowered because of the bi-weekly sessions of Jin Shin Jyutsu I have been fortunate to receive.”

– Gloria Heineman (Toronto)

   Trinfinity8:  “Seeing is believing! I developed an oil gland on my temple that kept growing. I saw my doctor who said it could be taken off with liquid nitrogen although some pain would be experienced. When seeing Elaine for an energy balancing, I asked about this, and she said she could treat it ­ and painlessly. Elaine estimated it would take about 10 treatments with the Trinfinity8 technology she uses. I figured, why not give it a try? But in the back of my mind I thought I still might have to go back to the doctor and get those painful liquid nitrogen treatments. And at first, nothing seemed to happen. But then around the 4th treatment (and most were done through distance healing) I started to notice the gland beginning to dry up. It kept getting smaller and smaller, and eventually came off like a scab, just like Elaine said it would! My haircutter was astonished since I kept telling her to be careful around the gland. After the oil gland fell off and the place it was located healed over, there was no longer any sign that it had ever been there. So now I’m a believer. ­ Seeing is believing!!”

– John (Toronto)

  Trinfinity8:  “In 2010 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer and I engaged in an internal dialogue about what I needed to do to care for my body. I had been using many natural ways to keep my body balanced and in good shape so the decision became “what would I do now?” I was struggling with the medical science model and the natural model of healing and which would really rid me of the cancer. In the end after gathering all my information I decided to do both. The result was good for me. Trinfinity8 helped support my immune system so that the science model did not destroy everything. The Trinfinity8 even helped my hair grow back quicker and healthier following chemo and radiation! Most of all once I was finished with the medical treatments Trinfinity8 then helped me detox and heal and restore myself to good health. It is two years later and I feel very healthy once again. Elaine was very attentive to all the little things going on in my body so that she could program Trinfinity8 to do the work I needed. I am so grateful to her and to Trinfinity8 for the support and care I received that now allows me a healthy life!”

– Martha F.(Kitchener)

  Trinfinity8:  “I am a 77 year young at heart woman with multiple heath challenges and have been working with an Alternative Therapy Practitioner for about 3 years. We have been using Trifinity8 protocols, both hands on and at a distance, with a really positive response. The protocols for oxygen and muscle strength have been our prime focus. However, other protocols used have included: allergies, shingles, weight, and skin tone.

At times we have used Trifinity8 for periods ranging from 5 sessions per week to 1 session weekly or bi-weekly. Using Trifinity8 has improved the quality of my life to a marked degree. I am grateful for the wide choice of protocols and for the technology which makes it possible for me to live a more active and effective life. Breathing limitations and muscle weakness tend to place severe limitations on daily life.

My sincere thanks for the gift of being a user of Trifinity8 and to Elaine for introducing it into my life and for working with me.”

– Patricia S. (Hamilton)

  Energy and House Clearing:  “We had been experiencing some strange ‘appearances’ in our new house, these started about 3-4 months after we moved in, but looking back they were actually happening all the time, we just thought it was part of owning an older home.
We could hear footsteps in the hallway at night, you could ‘feel’ someone/something by the front door, fireplace in the lounge and in the middle bedroom that my eldest son, Logan, slept in. He started having trouble sleeping at night and was becoming more and more tired.
The confirming fact for us was when we were having afternoon tea and Logan (3 years) looked towards the kitchen and said there’s Nana…. I was in the kitchen unpacking the groceries, and there was definitely no one there.  My husband just watched Logan and we asked him what was Nana doing?  Logan looked at us both, then got down from his chair and walked out of the French doors, over the deck and down the side of the house, my husband was following him and when they reached the driveway, he turned to Jake and asked where had Nana gone?  The next day I asked Logan to describe what he had seen.

The elderly neighbour across the road confirmed her identity of the person my son described to us.  She was the second owner of the house, who had one son and hated the daughter in law. She had wanted to change her will so the son would not get the house. She died before she could change it – so I guess, her spirit never left the place.

Elaine and Joanne (my cousin) were visiting and came to help in clearing our house during Christmas of 2011/2012.  What happened was nothing short of amazing.  This was something that has since ‘brightened’ our house and lives.  The footsteps have stopped, my son sleeps through the night without any issues and he has not seen any other spirits in the house.  Elaine went quietly from room to room checking and clearing.  They returned a few days later to ‘check’ for any remaining energies and asked what changes we had noticed.

Any remaining areas that we felt were uncomfortable were rechecked and Elaine ran a programme on the Trinfinity8 to re-energize the house and seal it for us, so now the only energies within the house belong to our family.

Nine months later, the house now feels like a home and our home.”

– Simone R. (New Zealand)

Professional Mentorship & Empowerment

  “As part of my sabbatical time I spent three weeks in July 2012 working with Joanne to develop skills and awareness that would help me as a spiritual director and retreat facilitator. I had a particular interest in the role of intuition, energy and deeper soul journeying in the spiritual direction/retreat context. It proved to be a very intensive time of almost daily one on one work with Joanne – trusting what would arise in each session at a personal level, as well as having my own agenda and questions relating to spiritual direction addressed.

It’s always surprising where the Spirit leads when we open ourselves to Spirit’s action. I was “surprised”, stretched in all kinds of unexpected ways and skilfully accompanied into a wonderful new place within. I have no doubt that this will assist me in being with other people’s “within-ness”.

I found the time invaluable as Joanne used her combined skills as a therapist, spiritual director and energy healer to assist me in my own personal inner journey, and to see again its critical importance in spiritual direction with others! I learned skills of boundary setting and self care, as well as ways of being with myself and working with others, that focus on body, mind and spirit as an integrated whole. My soul expanded in the process of these weeks and I came away more trusting of my own intuitive ability, convinced of the need to work with others in a wholistic way and more confident in being able to do this. I am deeply grateful for this powerful learning experience and encourage others to avail themselves of it if something along these lines is what they are seeking.”

– Madeline D (Australia)

Circles, Groups & Individual (Psychotherapy & Intuitive)

  Group Psychotherapy:  “I came to group therapy not knowing what to expect.  Joanne held a space for each of us – honouring our individuality and the dynamic of the group. Through some of the structured inquiries she brought to the group, we were each gently challenged and fully supported. Also, Joanne has a special gift for helping us to see our own wisdom and uniqueness.”

– J.S. (Toronto)

    Intuitive Circle     “What a great opportunity to develop ourselves,  you gave us by facilitating the Intuitive Learning and Empowerment Circle! I am so glad that in spite of winter weather and the hour it took me to drive to our gatherings, I never missed a delightful and insightful moment.   You taught us that intuition is a natural gift that we may have buried under modern left brain “the need to function productively” pressure. Intuition is there all along; it just wants to be released.  It was a gift to meet with wonderful women who were open to hearing our journeys and open to letting intuition experiences become a shared learning.  Your great wisdom showed us that one sheet of paper with notes and guidelines weekly was all that was needed. That is a pleasant change from writing pages of information that wants to go to left brain filing.  I particularly loved the wisdom of de-cluttering to allow more intuition.  The Bubble exercise is an incredible experience and teaches intuition in a flash.  And the learnings about the aura and how to protect and empower ourselves I will hopefully practice daily.
Many Thanks and Many Blessings, Joanne
Namaste” – Maryisa K. F.

  Intuitive Circle      “I am grateful for being a part of the Intuitive learning and empowerment circle gathering. Each time we met as a group, I learned more about my intuition and living from the heart. As life would have it, more  life experiences emerged that allowed for opportunities to integrate this new learnings and to see how Spirit is always there to guide us.  I enjoyed hearing about and sharing experiences with the group members about how intuition shows itself differently within each one of us. Joanne, I most enjoyed the loving, caring and intuitive way in which you facilitated the group.  Anyone that participates in any of your workshops and groups can be assured of the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of the topics discussed and come away with a clearer vision of the love and light that they truly are.  I am in gratitude to you and for you.” – Helen S

   Intuitive Circle    “Journeying around the  Intuitive Learning and Empowerment Circle empowered me, intuitively-my inner eye and heart awoke, now present, almost on a daily basis.  I feel the depths of my being, beyond the observable mind.  I am much more alive and confident with intuition.  Joanne, guided sessions with a heartfelt sensitivity and intuitively skillful, making each one of them worthwhile to participate in as she gently role played and facilitated exercises that offered many opportunities to use and expand my intuitive process in a respectable, safe, and informative manner.  She is a beacon of hope.  Everywhere, intuition is real for me because I learned to use it by attending this encouraging circle.   Thank you once again for you expertise and caring.”   By (Maria C.)
“Joanne provided me a safe environment to not only learn but experience using intuition in my day to day life. She provided me simple and easy yet powerful tools to help develop my intuition.  Thank you for this opportunity to deepen not only my knowledge but to experience techniques that I can use in my everyday life!” -Jenny G.

Spiritual Mentoring (Individual & Group)

     “The Fruit of Spiritual Direction in my Life … I am a visual person who finds it helpful to create with color on to paper. I find that doing such creative work brings joy and some peace. At the same time I look forward to Joanne’s help in bringing deeper meaning and depth to my creative work.

Then there is  an “aha” that brings me to a new level of awareness and possibility. Sometimes there is no art work; then, too, my word descriptions of life at that point are seen from new perspectives with Joanne’s spiritual guidance.    Then my focus becomes clearer so I move forward with new energy and enthusiasm.  Life continues to become fuller, more meaningful.  My prayer is enlivened and deepened.”

– Gloria S. (Ontario)

   “A Journey Remembered … The experiences  of my eight day retreats were blessings in disguise. The energy that was welling up within me as I reflected with nature, scripture, music and song filled me with love and joy. It was an experience of coming home to myself and knowing that I carried a treasure within, this was a great gift for me which  is having an effect on the rest of my life.  Joanne was my Spiritual Director for my thirty day retreat.  The time was given over to re-visiting my past experiences; accompanied by a compassionate acceptance of who I am.  It was like weaving a tapestry with threads drawn from the experiences of my lived life. It was such a healing experience for me as I sat with the beauty of the tapestry of my life. I am so grateful for all that has been and for all that has yet to be.”

– Gemma C. (Ireland)

   “Our new Provincial Council in 2008 invited the community to inform them of what kind of spiritual direction they feel needed for the community as well for individuals.  My response was for a more positive view of our future reality, especially in relationship with God and with everyone.

Now, four years of monthly input from Elaine Thompson and Joanne Morgan in addressing the community at large and individual spiritual direction, I want to relate what has happened to me.

It has been an experience of becoming more wholesome and confident as a person taking courageous charge of my precious personal life in dealing with relationships.  I no longer beg God before I fall asleep at night to heal me in body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Elaine made it simple and pleasant for me just by saying “Thank you God, I am Healthy, I am Happy, I am Holy.”  What a spiritual lift!  Elaine and Joanne remind us in their input sessions, “All things are in God and God is in all things – We are a universe within ourselves —Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”  Powerful!

I no longer say, I TRY to be patient and kind with people who aggravate or who dismiss me.  Elaine responds, “You don’t need to TRY, just DO it.”  How this advice lightened my approach and made me smile.  So now I DO just that.  The “trying” labour is dismissed.

The monthly power point images based on God’s wonderful creation are always most inspiring, up-lifting and life-giving examples of harmony affecting deep relationships within ourselves, others and especially with God.

Transformation of our being into Christ for which we were created, has become more real in my life.  When sharing my new gardening hobby which started at the age of 84:  getting rid of weeds, enriching the soil, moving perennials, creating new patterns, watching miracles transform the garden made life so exciting and fulfilling, Elaine would affirm me, saying that what is happening in the garden, is also happening within yourself.  That certainly was and is still happening in me.  This transforming experience makes me feel 20 years younger.

In one of our input sessions, our spiritual directors explained how ENERGY follows INTENTION.  Now I am convinced that if I intend to do something, the energy to carry it out will follow.  I have found this true in many areas in my life.

Because I believe that my Creator lives in me, I also believe that God’s power to heal dwells in me.  Elaine demonstrated that through the use of JIN SHIN JYUTSU, my healing happens in harmonizing the energy flow within me.  My hands are catalysts causing energy to flow to aching areas, so I have given up using drugs to heal my aches and pains.  God is the healer of disorder in my body, mind and spirit.

Living in my present situation, I feel most blessed with all the care provided for the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  I praise and thank God for all these blessings and give full credit to our Leaders in charge of our aging Sisters.”

Sincerely in Christ,
– Rosalie R, SSND (Hamilton)

     “The Group Spiritual Direction/Mentorship Journey was a gentle sojourn into one’s deeper and truer Self, which evoked many moments of profound insight.” – Joan B.

   “Let me begin by saying that I am a bit of a skeptic and the proof of whether a retreat was a success is the end result. The end result was more then I could have asked for!  I have been carrying around a limiting belief that has been impacting my life in almost every area, my health, my career and to a certain degree my own self worth.

The retreat occurred 3 days before my birthday.  On the day before my birthday I started to release things that I had not thought about for over 10 years but were very much related to what we worked on during the retreat.  It was painful but I finally released the past and because I was able to release it a door opened up that I would have been too terrified of stepping into before and now I am doing it gladly.

Thank you so much-the retreat was life changing, and I am so grateful for your skills and expertise and, of course, the very meaningful changes that have happened since the retreat.”

– Claire (Toronto)

Workshops & Retreats

   “Joanne is a gifted teacher who aptly imparts the learning in ways that energize the soul. As one of the few certified instructors of Sonia Choquette’s teachings she brings the book Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit to life and, through tools she’s created, deepens the learning. Being a student of Joanne’s is a joyful experience that leaves a lasting impression. She instills a belief in trusting our own knowing and tapping into our ‘Wisdom Well’ as inherent resources we can draw on anytime, anywhere. I’m grateful that our paths have crossed and look forward to attending more of her courses.”

– Sandra D. (Toronto)

    “Moving outward from within” … “Individual and Collective Oneness”…  “Inside expressing outwards”… “Journey of Life” … such is the essence of what Joanne and Elaine are hoping to contribute, according to their website.”

“My “journey of life” brought me to an eight day retreat with Joanne after many, many years of annual eight-day retreats, a thirty and a forty-day retreat. I can testify that the experience was certainly one where the essences described above came to fruition. Joanne’s wisdom and holistic approach to healing and well-being is facilitated by her generous, respectful and authentic loving. Her constant affirmation and encouragement of faith in whatever is happening worked miracles, shifted consciousness and energies. Her constant reminders of us as incarnate spirit beings with brain and heart wisdom remain with me six months down the track. This wisdom is to be listened to, believed in and acted upon. It is not often that one meets people who actually “walk the talk.” This I have personally witnessed in Joanne, an affirmation of her authenticity. It has been six months since the retreat and I have attempted to practice all that was learned during the retreat including Jin Shin Jyutsu exercises. Though progress has been made it is not as easy as when done with Joanne facilitating the necessary energy shifts and amazingly intuiting what needs to happen. The gifts that have emerged from the retreat continue to nourish, for this I am truly grateful to Joanne and the gifts she shares so generously and lovingly.”

– Carol (Australia)

   Chakra Mandela Workshop – Joanne Morgan gently and intuitively beckons the wisdom of one’s spirit to shine throughout the outer layers  of its physical body.  Her work is inspirational, and nurturing. Her words kind, and her teachings loving and simple-but deeply important for the soul.

If there are any unanswered questions you have about feeling of fulfillment and meaning of your life, then trusting Joanne’s miraculous wisdom of her own spirit will guide you to grasp that which you never thought your heart and mind already possess within you.

-Erica R. (Toronto)