What I Do

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I assist people on their healing journey whether it is a physical, mental emotional or spiritual issue, getting to the root is the key to our individual and collective healing journey.

My therapeutic approach is a client-centered model. I adapt my approach to meet the needs of each individual. I believe that each individual is able to heal themselves given the right support and environment.

Some of the ways I assist are:

  • Empowerment Coaching & Healing (Individual & Group)
  • Psychotherapy (Individual & Group)
  • Relationship/Couples Counselling
  • Spiritual Mentoring (Individual & Groups)
  • Holistic & Energetic Therapies
  • House Whispering Consultation
  • Professional Supervision & Mentoring (Individual & Group)
  • Retreats – National & International
  • Facilitating Life Ceremonies & Celebrations

How I Do It

All offerings are focused on providing a safe and welcoming environment whether it is in an individual or group setting. Provided below are descriptions and explanations of the modalities offered and available to you:

  • Focusing and Post Traumatic Stress
  • Process Facilitation
  • Jin Shin Jytusu – *click here to view video
  • Empowerment Coaching & Healing
  • Chakra Balancing and Clearing
  • Cutting Edge Holistic Treatment – ‘Trinfinity8’, ‘Quantum Wave’,
  • Energy Clearing Consultation – Home, Office, Personal
  • Shungite

Who I Treat

  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Families